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Only Cod Knows

, , | Right | April 13, 2021

I work at a fishmonger’s. I always try to be helpful whenever customers have queries. A customer asks for a portion of cod.

Customer: “Where is this cod from?”

I am thinking she is asking whether it’s farmed or wild.

Me: “It’s wild cod.”

Customer: “No, where is it from?”

Me: “Oh, sorry! All our cod comes from the North-East Atlantic, the waters just west of Ireland.”

Customer: “No, specifically where is it from?”

Me: *Thinking she didn’t hear me* “The North-East Atlantic.”

Customer: “Whereabouts in the Atlantic?”

I look confused because I don’t understand what she’s asking. My coworker, who is regularly quite sassy but always gets away with it, sees my confusion and jumps into the conversation:

Coworker: “Do you want the GPS coordinates from the boat, or what?”

The customer mumbled something about where the fish was from, frowned, and walked off.

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