Only Charged Them For Battery

| Working | March 24, 2014

(The battery in our car died as I am closing my store. Fortunately for my husband and me, a coworker gives us a ride home. I have the next day off. Since there is a car part store between home and work, which is only about a mile away, we decide to walk there and buy a battery, and then walk to where the car is still parked. Since I used to work at a car part store like this one, my husband has me do all the talking. This starts after I pay for the battery.)

Me: “Okay, this is great. Now, I have a weird request. May I speak to your delivery manager?”

Cashier: *confused* “Okay?”

Manager: “Can I help you?”

Me: “Yes. This is going to sound odd and I understand if you can’t, but our car is broken down in the parking lot for [Restaurant] and we want it delivered to the [Restaurant] if possible.”

Manager: “You want us to deliver this battery to the [Restaurant]?”

Me: “Yes, I work there and I can call my manager if you need to. If you can’t, that’s okay; we’ll just carry it there.”

Manager: *looks at my husband, who is leaning on his cane, then at me, a flimsy looking woman* “I think we can manage that.”

(He gets our information and a description of our car. The delivery driver even arrived right as we were walking up to the car. Thanks to him we didn’t have to carry a car battery a mile to install it in our broken down car. Thank you, Mr. Manager!)

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