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Only Barry Allen May Shop After Closing Time

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It is closing time. We make the announcement and do our final customer checks. Fabric pages that they have a customer and her daughter at the counter. No problem. It only takes a few minutes to cut fabric.

Five minutes later, she sends the daughter to go find some item elsewhere in the store. It becomes clear that she may take a while. Store policy is that we cannot tell people to leave, so the floor staff politely hovers and tries to be extra helpful to get her out quicker. Fabric lady and daughter politely decline and resume shopping at a pace that makes sloths look like Olympians.

Another customer knocks at the front door. They know we are closed, but they need one thing for a school project, we are the only ones in town who sell it, and they know exactly where it is. I radio my manager and ask if I can let them in. We still have a register open, and fabric lady is deliberating between two shades of blue. I get the okay.

The customer comes in, gets the item they need, pays for it, and leaves before fabric lady even finishes choosing her material. They may have secretly been the Flash. Super grateful, smiles everywhere.

Fabric lady finally makes her way to the register over half an hour after closing and complains that she felt rushed.

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