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Online Sweet Talking

| Romantic | August 27, 2013

(I meet a guy on an online dating site. For our first few email exchanges, we use our screen names. We hit it off, and decide to tell each other our real names.)

Me: “So, you’ve probably figured out that my name isn’t really [screen name]. It’s [my real first name].”

(There is a long and noticeable pause.)

Him: “Oh. That’s my mom’s name.”

(There is a longer pause.)

Him: “It’s also my ex-wife’s name.”

Me: “Um, that’s… interesting?”

Him:” My name isn’t really [screen name], either. It’s [really dorky first name].”

Me: “Since this seems to be going pretty well aside from the name thing, what say we just call each other ‘sweetie’ from now on?”

Him: “Deal.”

(We recently celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, and we still call each other ‘sweetie’.)