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One Year Folds And Another One Opens

| Working | December 31, 2016

(I’m in charge of my coworker’s files. One of the folders is very used and torn. It’s New Year’s Eve and everyone is a bit bored, tired and/or eager to go back home, so I try to be funny. I hold the used folder and I stare at it.)

Me: “You brave soldier! You’ve been working with us for 30 years and it was not easy. You did well, so now you really deserve to rest. R.I.P. dear friend.”

(I kiss the used folder and I drop it into the paper basket. Then I choose a new folder.)

Me: “I’m not going to lie to you, rookie! You’ve been chosen among all and you’re going to go through really, really rough times. Be strong, never give up, and we’ll be very proud of you!”

Coworker: “Yeah, good luck, folder!”

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