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One Way To Ring In The New Year

| Learning | August 7, 2014

(It’s my first day of high school, and I’m sitting in my history class. My teacher is explaining that he has ADD, so a lot his time in the classroom will be spent walking around and changing subjects.)

Teacher: “And that’s why you’ll see me fiddling with my wedding ring. Unless my wife is here, then I don’t.”

Us: *laughs*

Teacher: “Anyway, we’ll be covering a lot of topics this year…”

(He goes on for a few minutes about what we’ll be learning. Suddenly, he stops and looks at his wedding ring.)

Teacher: “And the really cool thing about this ring? It bounces!”

(He takes it off and throws it on the ground. Sure enough, it bounced about three feet in the air. He put it back on and continued talking about what we’d be doing for the year.)

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