One Very Hairy Omelette

| Learning | December 16, 2015

(My science teacher is kind of a weird prankster who loves to pick on a group of ditzy blondes who sits in the back.)

Ditz: “Sir? Can I ask a question?”

Teacher: “Sure.”

Ditz: “Is it true that if you wash your hair with egg white it makes your hair stronger?”

Teacher: “Yes.”

Ditzy Group: *furiously taking notes*

(The bell rings and that class slowly files out. The ditzy group is one of the first to leave, since their desks are right next to the door.)

Teacher: “Oh darn, I should’ve told them to use cold water, not hot.”

(Sure enough, the next day, the group looked all miserable and their hair messed up! The rest of the class laughed and laughed!)

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