One Sweet Sin At A Time

| Friendly | July 8, 2015

(There are four of us sharing a hotel room while attending a convention at said hotel. I’m Mormon but haven’t advertised it to the rest of the group, which results in the following conversation when one of the others comes back to the room one evening with a bottle of wine:)

Roommate #1: “I’m gonna drink this. It’s not like I’m rooming with a child or a Mormon!”

Me: “Well… actually, you are.” *raises hand*

Roommate #1: *mortified* “Oh, my god! I am SO sorry!”

Roommate #2: “It’s okay that I gave you chocolate earlier, isn’t it?”

(I had to take a few minutes to assure the group that a. chocolate isn’t against my religion, and b. they could drink so long as they don’t offer any to me.)

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