One For Stall And Stall For One

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(I am a very pregnant customer at a fast food joint and I have to use the restroom. I walk into the restroom, which is empty, and go into and lock the biggest stall. As I begin to reach for some tissue, I hear the door open and someone try the handle to my stall, which is locked.)

Lady: “F***!”

Me: “Sorry, ma’am. I’m almost done, but there are other stalls.”

Lady: “I always use this one!”

(To my dismay, she then gets on the ground and tries crawling under the door. All I see is the head and torso of a seemingly normal-looking lady in her early 40s.)

Me: *yelling* “What are you doing!? Get out!”

Lady: *still crawling* “But I always use this stall!”

(At this point, thankfully, an employee walks in.)

Me: “You can use it when I’m done! GET OUT!”

Employee: “What is going on?”

(At the same time, the lady screams that I’m in her stall and I scream that the lady won’t get out.)

Employee: “Ma’am, get off the floor and get out of that stall! You can’t break into a stall like that! And there are two other stalls open and ready for you to use!”

Lady: “But I always use this one.”

Employee: “I don’t care! What were you planning on doing? Sitting on her?! Wait your turn or use a different stall.”

(At this point, the lady begins to wriggle herself back out of the stall, complaining about poor customer service and grumbling that she always, always uses that stall. I am rather shaken up, but I finish my business and rush out of the restroom as the lady rushes into the stall. The employee and a manager are waiting outside.)

Manager: “[Employee] told me what happened, but I’m not really understanding. Can you tell me?”

(I tell him.)

Manager: “I can’t believe this! That customer is a regular, and this has never happened, but let me comp your meal for you and give you some coupons. I can’t apologize enough!”

(The lady comes out of the bathroom while he’s talking to me, and he sends the employee and me to the register to give me a refund and some coupons. I hear him talking to the lady.)

Lady: “That fat girl stole my stall, and I always use that one!”

Manager: “She’s not fat; she’s clearly pregnant. And I don’t care if she weighs 300 pounds; you don’t walk into someone’s stall while they are in the middle of using it! Never, ever come back here!”

(From then on, I used the drive-thru and my own bathroom. Just in case.)

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