One Ring To Ruin Them All

| London, England, UK | Romantic | March 12, 2013

(My housemate’s girlfriend has just stormed out of the house. While I couldn’t make out any specifics, I can tell they just had one h*** of a shouting match. I check up on my friend.)

Me: “You okay?”

Friend: “No. We broke up.”

Me: “Ah, definitely not okay then. What was the argument about?”

Friend: “It’s so silly. It started about her liking Twilight.”

Me: “You broke up with her over a book?”

Friend: “She actually thinks it’s a good book! She said it was well written! It’s a piece of s***! And she thinks the films were even better!”

Me: “Dude, that’s just her opinion. You don’t need to break up with her because she likes one thing that’s crap. You had plenty of other things in common.”

Friend: “She also said that Lord of the Rings was boring.”

Me: “Well, f*** that. You made the right choice.”

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