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One Ring To Rue Them All

| Romantic | December 31, 2013

(My friend and I are walking across the school field during lunch. My friend is holding a wedding ring her mum gave her the day before. She has already managed to lose it once, prompting a two-hour long search by my entire class.)

Friend: *looking thoughtfully at the ring* “You know what? Someday I’m going to get married with this ring.”

Me: “Really? That’ll be nice.”

Friend: “Yeah. It’s got a cute story and everything!”

Me: “Okay. Let’s hear it then.”

Friend: “It’s so romantic. My granddad gave this ring to my grandma as a wedding ring, only she lost it…”

Me: “Oh, poor her.”

Friend: “Yeah. So then after she found it they got divorced.”

(I’m a bit taken aback by this, but she continues nonetheless.)

Friend: “Then my grandma gave the ring to my dad, who lost it, too. When he found it again he married my mum with it.”

(Again, I am a bit taken aback but to me the ring is starting to redeem itself.)

Friend: “And then they got divorced. When my mum moved out SHE lost it. She was preparing for the move last week and she found it. She gave it to me as a present. And that is why I’m going to get married with it someday, because it’s good luck!”

(My friend skips off and leaves me standing there just blinking in shock. She comes back to get me and looks completely cheerful. I’m 100 percent sure that she has a cursed ring on her finger.)

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