One Ring To Fool Them All

| Learning | February 3, 2016

(I dress pretty average, not in any particular clique’s style, and I am a teacher’s pet. One day, I bought fake piercings—a couple false hoops, and a stud that is magnetized. I excitedly decided to put them ALL on: hoop in my nose, hoop on my eyebrow and make the stud into a labret piercing. I went to science class and sat down, the teacher not quite paying attention.)

Teacher: “And here are last week’s tests…”

(He starts passing them out and is about to hand me mine, when he looks up and freezes, staring at me.)

Teacher: “Um.”

(Realizing why he is staring, I smile and very slowly pull out the fake nose ring.)

Me: “They’re fake.”

Teacher: “Oh, thank god, [My Name].”


Dear readers! This story was originally submitted without a title, to encourage you to come up with a witty submission yourselves. After considering the many amazing suggestions in the comments section, we have come up with the title above. Thank you all for participating; we had a blast reading them!

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