One Ring To Chew Them All

| Romantic | November 5, 2012

(I am visiting my long-distance boyfriend at his home in London. It is my second-last day there, and we are hanging out with his best friend. His best friend is currently eating a package of gummies of various shapes.)

Best friend: “Want to practice?”

Boyfriend: “Sure.”

(I have no idea what they’re talking about until my boyfriend suddenly gets on one knee with a gummy ring in his hand.)

Boyfriend: “Will you marry me?”

Me: *laughing* “Of course! I’ll cherish this gummy ring forever!”

(I eat the ring.)

Best friend: “See, bro? That wasn’t so hard!”

(The practice paid off. He ended up proposing with a real ring the next day, before I went back home! Of course, I said yes!)

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