One Review To Rule Them All

| Related | February 16, 2012

Sister: *to my parents* “Do you want to watch Lord of the Rings with me? I haven’t seen it yet.”

Mum: “No. Shall I tell you a story about the Lord of the Rings? Your father and I were watching one of them. I fell asleep when they were fighting the orcs. I woke up, and they were still fighting the orcs. I fell asleep again and your dad put the next film on. When I woke up, they were fighting the orcs again. Trust me, you don’t need to see all three films!”

Sister: “Are they really that bad?”

Dad: “Your mother’s exaggerating. But, yes. Fighting the orcs is mainly what happens.”

Sister: “Oh, forget it then. I thought they were going to be cool!”

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