One More Lonely Girl In The World

| USA | Right | March 8, 2012

(This happens a couple weeks before Christmas. The mall has a few gift counters that offer free gift wrappings. An old man buys a couple of Justin Bieber CDs from us.)

Me: “Are these a gift? We offer free gift wrapping services over at–”

Old man: *angrily* “Why do you assume I’m giving it someone?”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. Those CDs are usually more popular with teenage girls.”

Old man: “They’re for me! I do not like this sort of discrimination!”

Me: “Well, I’m sorry.”

(He storms out, nearly tripping over his feet on the way out.)

Me: “You okay, sir?”

Old man: “I can walk! Stop discriminating!”

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  • Dani Marie

    Actually, I can see why that statement might be a little upsetting to some people.
    Next time, say “Sir/ma’am, we offer giftwrapping for all purchases this close to Christmas, as many things people buy are intended to be distributed as gifts.”
    Completely neutral! And if he infers something discriminatory from that, it’s his problem and not yours!