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One Man’s Leftovers Is Another Man’s Overflowing

, , , , | Right | May 5, 2016

(My fiancé and I are on hard times. She has recently lost her job and mine isn’t really enough to support us alone. We have no food in the house, about $20 in my checking account (or so I think) and approx. $7 in pocket change. I am due to get paid the next day so we decide to go to a certain famous cheap fast food place where, embarrassingly my card declines in the drive through. Devastated, we drive next door to the gas station that also happens to serve hot food. Inside, we pool all the pocket change we have, counting it up in one of the aisles before approaching the register where the food is sold. While we stand there trying to figure out what we can afford the cashier gets our attention.)

Cashier: “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll give you all of the chicken that’s left for the price of one meal.”

Me: “H-how much is that? I’m sorry we don’t really have much.”

Cashier: “Tell you what; I’ll throw in some potato wedges too. It’ll be about $7.”

Me: *glances at fiancé for approval* “Okay… we’ll try.” *counts out money on the counter, coming up a little short*

(Before we can apologize and leave the cashier pulls some coins out of her pocket to make up the difference and hands us the box of chicken tenders and potato wedges. We thanked her profusely and left to go home and eat. We’re doing much better now but I’ll never forget her kindness to us when we needed it most.)