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One Man’s Garbage Is Another Man’s Kindness

, , , , | Hopeless | June 13, 2016

(I am driving with my three kids, running errands on my rare day off. Suddenly, my four-year-old son starts vomiting all over the back seat (no previous signs of illness, no history of motion sickness). I pull over at the nearest gas station and start trying to clean up my son, the car, and the car seat with the only thing I have available, a pack of baby wipes.)

Me: *to my seven-year-old daughter* “Go into the gas station for some plastic bags. I’m hoping for one to use as a garbage bag and one for [Son] to hold in case he needs to be sick again.”

(My daughter comes back a few minutes later with an entire roll of garbage bags.)

Daughter: “The lady at the gas station just said I could have these.”

(I am able to cover the car seat and put the soiled clothes in another.)

Me: *to my seven-year-old daughter* “Here, return the remaining bags.”

(As I buckle my son back into his seat, my daughter comes back with three bottles of water.)

Daughter: “The lady at the gas station these are for each kid, as it’s hot out.”

(I am grateful, as it is over 90°. I go in to pay for the water and the wonderful gas station attendant refuses to let me pay.)

Attendant: “I’m also a mom, and know how hard it is to have a sick kid.”

(She asked if I needed anything else and sent me on my way. If you are reading this, thank you for helping a mom and her sick kid on a hot day!)

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