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One Kid’s Loss Is Another Man’s Scam

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I find a child’s bike dumped in the bushes near my house. It’s in great condition so I wonder if it’s been lost or stolen.

I put a post in the social media group for my area.

Post: “Found: child’s bike, [make and model], in [Area]. If this is yours, please let me know what the unusual stickers are to claim it. I will hand this in to the police station if it’s not collected by the end of the week.”

A guy who has no children on his profile comments on my post.

Guy: “Can I have this, please?”

Me: “If this is yours, please tell me what the stickers are.”

Guy: “Yes, it has stickers. When can I collect?”

Random Person: “It’s not for sale. It’s been lost.”

Guy: “I want it. Give it to me.”

Me: “I don’t believe you. You can claim it from the police station when I can get over there and drop it off.”

He messaged me a few times privately, even offering me money as a “reward,” but I decided to hand it to the police. A few days after I did, a woman messaged me and told me it was her son’s bike, some kids had taken it, and she had only just seen my post.

I regretfully told her she needed to go to the police station to go through the process with them.

Happily, I later got a message with a photo of a very pleased looking kid on his bike. It looks like it all worked out.

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