One Headache Deserves Another

Learning | May 8, 2013

(I’ve been having a horrible day due to a failed test, an hour of sleep, and a headache. I get to my Economics class, where I get along well with everyone except for an annoying kid.)


Me: “[Annoying Kid], can you please be quiet? I’m trying to work.”

(The annoying kid continues screaming and starts singing the school song.)

Me: “[Annoying Kid], please be quiet. I have a bit of a headache and you aren’t making it better.”

(The annoying kid starts yelling to his friend that sits right next to him, who yells back.)

Me: “[Annoying Kid]!”

Annoying Kid: “You’re so mean and uptight!”

(Finally I’m fed up and I grab my book and wack him hard on the back of his head. The room gets extremely quiet.)

Me: “Would you idiots shut up, grow up and be a little more respectful of others?”

Annoying Kid: “Oh, [my name]! Why are you so mean? You might have given me a concussion!”

(At this point, our teacher walks in.)

Annoying Kid: “Miss [Teacher]! [My name] hit my head and gave me a concussion!”

Teacher: *looks between him and I* “D***, I wish I had seen it.”

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