One Door Closes… And That’s It

, , , | Working | May 23, 2018

(I’ve ordered some takeout and I answer the entry phone for the delivery driver. I let him in, but the main door doesn’t make a sound to indicate it’s open, so sometimes people don’t realise it’s open even after you tell them. Gathering that this has happened again, I go to the main door to let him in myself. My apartment door is in full view of the main door, so he’s seen me approach him.)

Delivery Driver: *aggressively* “I thought I’d got the wrong flat; you didn’t let me in.”

Me: “Sorry about that. Sometimes the door plays up.”

(We finish the transaction and all seems normal again, but as I’m closing the door, he shouts:)

Delivery Driver: “That’s what you get for living in a s***hole!”

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