One Born Every Hour

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(While we are usually a 24-hour store, for the past two days, from between 6:00 pm and 6:00 am, we have been closed due to renovations. This has been advertised on our social media page, as well as on large signs posted around both the store entrance and the drive-thru for the past week. These sorts of things have been happening several times an hour, despite stacking milk crates four-high — average person height — across the drive-thru, all the outside lights being off, and tradies almost constantly bringing large tools and material in and out of the store. First story:)

Me: *opens the locked door to let tradies in*

Customer #1: *following behind tradies* “Are you open?”

Me: *repeating line I’ve been saying all night* “Unfortunately, no, we’re closed until 6:00 am due to renovations.”

Customer #1: *trying to push her way in* “But you’re a 24-hour store!”

Me: “As I said, we’re currently closed until 6:00 am for renovations. However, since it’s only 9:00 pm, our other locations are still open.”

Customer #1: “But you’re 24 hours!”

Me: “All our equipment is taken apart for the renovation, and there are no registers open for you to buy anything; it’s impossible to make your food and there is literally no way for you to pay for it. Please, try one of our other locations on [Main Street]; it’s only a few minutes away.”

(She finally takes the hint and leaves. Second story:)

Customer #2: *drives straight through milk crates blocking the darkened drive-thru and screams into the ordering box* “WHY THE H*** ARE THERE CRATES IN YOUR DRIVE-THRU?!”

Manager: *through the headset, which he is only wearing for this exact reason* “We are closed until 6:00 am. Please drive through.”

Customer #2: *yelling* “This is bulls***! There aren’t any signs!”

(There are several signs around the customer. One is even taped to the order box in front of her.)

Manager: *visibly restraining himself from sighing in frustration* “There are several signs around you, including those on the milk crates you drove through.”

Customer #2: *still yelling* “How the h*** was I supposed to know?!” *reverses, knocking over more crates, and almost damaging our brand-new menu boards, before taking off over the speed limit*

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