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Once Was Lost-And-Found But Now Can See

, , , , | Right | March 13, 2021

We have a smallish sunglass display on the front counter directly in front of the cash register. It’s in a spot where almost every customer looks at the sunglasses and tries some on when they are being checked out.

On a Monday morning, I get a phone call.

Me: “Good morning, [Store]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, I was in there on Saturday with my daughter and I think she left her glasses there. They were a very expensive pair, her first ones, and I need you to check and see if they are there before I make the hour drive from [City that is thirty minutes away] to come and get them.”

Me: “Okay, can I get a description of the glasses from you before I go looking? Are they sunglasses or seeing glasses? What color are they?”

Their tone of voice is already starting to get impatient.

Customer: “They are regular glasses, pink, and squarish.”

Me: “All right, I’m going to place you on hold while I look in our lost and found bin.”

I look in our bin and everywhere else behind the counter that they could have been placed for safekeeping if a customer or employee found them.

Me: “I’m sorry for the wait. I didn’t find any glasses of any type, let alone matching the description you gave me, in our lost and found. They may not have been found and turned in yet. Do you know what areas of the store you spent your time in, or what items you were looking at? I can go and check in those areas to see if the glasses are there.”

Customer: *Now in a very snarky voice* “They are there! I know it. My daughter and her friend were trying on your sunglasses while I was shopping. She took them off and put them on that display. God, why didn’t you look there in the first place?”

I try to stay calm as I don’t like getting spoken down to and will get confrontational in these situations.

Me: “You didn’t tell me they would be in that area of the store before. I’ll put you on hold and check there real quick.”

Customer: “Don’t you dare make me wait on hold again! You keep me on the phone while you look.”

Me: “I can’t get a full view of the sunglasses display and not put the phone down. I have to go around the counter and the phone cord won’t reach all the way around. I’ll just set the phone on the counter without putting you on hold so you can hear the background sounds.”

I put the phone down before I can hear any response from [Customer] and walk around to look closely at all of the glasses on the display. Every single one of the hooks has a pair of our sunglasses on them with no regular glasses in sight.

Me: “There are no regular glasses on our sunglasses display. I can take your name and number and call you if any turn up, or you are welcome to come in and look around for yourself. Are you sure that your daughter left them here and not somewhere else?”

Customer: *Now very angry* “Yes, I’m sure they are in your store on that display! My daughter told me that she left them there. These are $400 glasses we’re talking about. I can’t believe you are so stupid that you can’t find them!”

Me: *Now I’m mad at this lady* “I’m not the stupid one in this conversation. I wasn’t the one who walked out of a store unable to see because I took off my glasses and left them somewhere. Like I said, you are welcome to come down here and look for yourself.”

With that, I hung up the phone and went about my day. I probably shouldn’t have spoken to this customer like that as it was rude, but I didn’t get into any trouble with my boss as this store was a small business and the lady who owned it took less s*** from people than I did. My boss was completely okay with us standing up for ourselves when it came to mean customers. 

Within forty minutes of the end of the phone call, the lady drove back to our store, pulled into the parking stall right up front where I could see her fully from the front counter, and sent her daughter who lost the glasses inside to get them.

The daughter had to reach inside the hollow display and pull her glasses out from the center of it — a spot that I don’t think anyone would have thought to look for them unless they had put them there.

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