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On The Need For Hazard Pay, Part 17

, , , , | Right | July 2, 2018

(It’s late at night and my shift ends in ten minutes. My managers have been harping on me all evening to get a credit application, so when I see this family, I think I might finally have a chance to convince them to apply. The man is middle-aged and his wife and son are looking at a new leather recliner that seats two. As I’m walking up to them, I hear the wife mention how much she likes the chair, and the man is taking pictures of her and their son sitting on it.)

Man: *to me* “Hey, come on over and join us. This chair looks awesome.”

(I cheerfully step up as he gestures for me to join the picture, thinking I really might get a credit app with this one. I crouch in front of the seat.)

Man: “No, no, no. On the seat with them.”

Son: “Dad, no. Don’t make her do anything weird.”

Me: *half-hearted chuckle* “Thank you, sir. But I prefer here. Now, if you really like this chair, I can save you…”

(I’m unable to finish as this man, three times my size — because I’m tiny — lumbers toward me, scoops me up by my underarms like a child, and proceeds to throw me into the air onto his wife and son who have to catch me. He then snaps back and starts taking pictures while his wife half laughs and half berates him. The son is apologizing and blushing like mad.)

Son: “Dad, you can’t just do that to people.”

Wife: “You shouldn’t have done that! She may have the store call the cops. You just accosted this poor girl! I am so sorry about him. Are you okay?”

(I shakily slide off the chair and nod, trying to find my bearings.)

Man: “She’s fine. We New Yorkers are like that, just having some fun. Right?”

(I force a smile at him and mutter that it’s the most interesting night since I started working at the store.)

Man: “See? She’s fine. All good.”

(He started walking away, muttering about what to look at next, and the wife and son apologized again before following him. At that point, I didn’t care anymore about credit applications. I ran to my manager, who laughed about and said there was nothing that could be done since I didn’t get hurt. I was so glad to be going home then.)

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