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On The First Day Of Christmas My Blu-Ray Gave To Me…

| Romantic | December 19, 2016

(It is just before Christmas, I have all my presents brought, including the one for my girlfriend which I picked out weeks ago. We are watching TV when an advert for her favourite comedienne comes on selling a DVD.)

Girlfriend: “Oh, that looks good.”

Me: *trying not to react* “Oh, yeah, it does.”

Girlfriend: “I really liked that last one she did as well.”

Me: “Yeah, not really my sort of thing.”

Girlfriend: “I might pick it up next week.”

Me: “Well, I wouldn’t buy anything yet; you never know what the elves might bring you.”

Girlfriend: “Nah, who would know I like [Comedienne] anyway?”

Me: “Don’t say I didn’t warn you if someone buys it for you.”

(Of course I picked it up knowing how much she liked it. It was too late to return; I could only hope that she wouldn’t pick it up. Things looked okay; it came around to Christmas eve and as a tradition we can pick to open one present to open.)

Girlfriend: “Oh, what’s this?” *picking out the DVD box*

Me: “Hopefully you like it.”

(She opens it and a worried look appears on her face.)

Me: “You brought one already, haven’t you?!”

Girlfriend: “Weeell…” *goes to her bag, pulling out a familiar case* “I’m so sorry.”

Me: “Oh, hang on, what does this say?”

Girlfriend: “Blu-ray?.., Why?”

Me: “Do we have a Blu-ray player?”

Girlfriend: *quickly realizing* “No! It’s like a Christmas miracle!”

(She managed to watch her DVD on the day and refund the Blu-ray. All was well.)

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