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On The Coat-Tails Of A Gift

| Romantic | January 22, 2017

(My boyfriend and I are hanging out in the lounge where both of our desks are. He has been doing something in the kitchen. He comes back into the lounge.)

Boyfriend: “Could you get me a beer?”

Me: *slightly irritated* “You were just in the kitchen, and you’re closer than I am. Do you really need me to get it?”

Boyfriend: “Please? I’m busy with something.”

(I’m annoyed, but I walk into the kitchen and notice there is a coat hanging on the fridge handle. I figure he’s hung his coat on there for some reason, so I take the coat off the fridge, pull out a beer, hang the coat back up, and go back to him.)

Boyfriend: *incredulous look* “Love, are you serious…? Could you get me another beer, please?”

Me: *now irritated and confused* “Why?!”

Boyfriend: “Or something else. Anything from the fridge. Please.”

(Frustrated, I go to the fridge, figuring maybe he needs an item in it to trace something on a paper for his origami or something random. I move the coat again, take out an item, hang the coat back up, and give the item to him.)

Boyfriend: “Okay, come here!”

(He goes into the kitchen, and I follow.)

Boyfriend: “Look at the coat!”

(I look at it, and I realize it is a brand new coat, one that I’ve wanted for myself for a while but couldn’t afford. I immediately start laughing so hard that I’m crying, thanking him profusely.)

Boyfriend: “How on earth did you not catch on?”

Me: “I don’t knooooow!”

(Not one of my finer moments, admittedly, but the coat is lovely, and he is the sweetest, even when I’m completely clueless!)

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