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On The Bright Side, She Never Gets Brain Freezes

, , | Right | February 5, 2009

(The lunch rush has just come and gone, and now the early release seniors from the local high school are trickling in.)

Me: “Hi, welcome to [Smoothie Shop].”

Blonde Customer: “Mmm… I think I’ll try the Mahalo Mango today.”

Redhead Customer: “Oooh. I heard mangoes are kinda bitter.”

Blonde Customer: “Ew… like, can I get that without mango then?”

Me: “Would you rather the Power Pineapple? It’s the same smoothie, just pineapple instead of mango.”

Blonde Customer: “No, I want to try something new… so, yeah. Mahalo Mango without the mango.”

Me: “Okay… what would you like instead of the mango?”

Blonde Customer: “Um… can I get pineapple?”