On The Bong Side Of The Law

, , , | Friendly | October 5, 2018

(I am heading to the bus stop with my girlfriend, and right when I get there I see a guy carrying a four-foot bong. I turn my head and stare because, well, it’s not every day you see someone casually strolling down the street with four feet of drug paraphernalia. He sees me staring and turns to face me.)

Guy: “Forty bucks and it’s yours.”

(Since I do smoke, and it IS a very nice piece, I figure, “What the h***?” and take out my wallet.)

Me: “I only have thirty.”

Guy: “Sold!”

(I hand him the money, he hands me the bong, and a couple minutes later I’m on the bus home. I feel a bit self-conscious hauling this thing back home, but again, “What the hell?” Then I notice a price tag near the top.)

Me: “Hey, this still has a price tag on it, for $140.”

Girlfriend: “Looks like you got a real good deal, then.”

Me: “I… I think… did I just buy a stolen bong?”

Girlfriend: “Oh… Yeah, I think you did.”

(Afterward, I did try looking up if any head shops had had a break-in, but couldn’t find anything. I eventually got rid of it, because as neat as it was, it was completely impractical for someone who only smokes a couple times a month.)

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