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On Reflection, Best Not To Ask…

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(I work at a store where we stuff animals for our guests. I am helping three sisters, one about thirteen, one about eleven, one about six, stuff their bears.)

Me: “So, are you going to get clothes for your bear?”

Youngest Sister: “Maybe, I hope so!” *notices my name tag* “Hey! Your name is Emily. That’s my twin sister’s name!”

Me: “Oh, that’s great!”

([Youngest Sister] leaves and I help the middle sister, then the oldest.)

Middle Sister: “Oh, your name is Emily; that’s my, uh, sister’s twin’s name.”

Me: “Yeah, she told me that. Where is her sister? I didn’t see her.”

Oldest Sister: “She didn’t tell you?!” *yelling* “Hey [Youngest Sister], where does your twin live?”

Youngest Sister: “In the mirrors!”

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