On Hold… For Life

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(I work as an IT technician for my college during the summer, and they are in the process of upgrading their phone system. I have replaced a certain older professor’s phone the previous day and left both a full manual of how to use the phone as well as a more condensed “how-to” pamphlet. Mind you, the phone is not difficult to use and works exactly like any other office phone. The professor in question calls the help desk.)

Me: “Hello, IT help desk. This is [My Name]. How may I help you?”

Professor: “Yeah, I need to know how to use the new phone.”

(I am confused, as he is calling on that very phone.)

Me: “Is there a certain feature you’re not sure of how to use?”

Professor: “I just need to know how to make calls on it.”

(I am very confused now.)

Me: “It should work just like your old phone, just pick up the handset and start dialing. You can check your voicemail by pushing the button that looks like an envelope.”

Professor: “Why are we changing them, anyway?”

Me: “Our old system is really outdated and is costing us a lot to maintain.”

Professor: “Well, who is paying for all these new phones?”

Me: “I’m not sure of what part of the budget it’s coming out of, but it will actually save us money in the long-run.”

Professor: “Well, we’re all dead in the long-run.”

Me: *speechless for the next full 30 seconds* “Umm, yep… Is there anything else you need?”

Professor: “Nope, bye.”

Me: “Have a nice day.”

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