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On Her Best Bee-hive-ior

| Related | July 4, 2012

(We’re leaving the Farmer’s Market and passing the honey stand. We return four empty jars to them and my 7-year-old daughter tastes their honey (as she does every week). She buys some with her allowance (as she does periodically).

Bee lady: *as we are about to leave* “Oh, wait. I want to give your daughter something.”

(She starts to hand us a honey stick.)

Me: “Thanks, but we just bought honey sticks.”

Bee lady: “I want to give her a reward for bringing back all those containers.”

Me: “Why don’t you save it until next week? She had your tastings and already ate a honey stick. That’s enough for her.”

Daughter: “I already had my reward. I got to buy more honey!”

(The bee lady smiles.)

Daughter: “I got yummy honey! That’s all the reward I need.”

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