On Constant Chore Leave

| Romantic | July 29, 2013

(I am vegetarian, and have been since I was eight years old. I am 19 and have just moved in with my boyfriend of two years.)

Me: “Hey, I’m making pasta with tomato sauce for tea; do you want some?”

Boyfriend: “Aw, will you make me the one with ham in it?”

Me: “Alright.”

(I stand over the hob stirring two pans at once as best as I can, but naturally both get a little burnt at the bottom.)

Boyfriend: “It’s burnt!”

Me: “Just a little bit.”

Boyfriend: “It’s horrible.”

Me: “Just pick the burnt bits out then.”

(He does, but for every meal he asks me to cook him a meat alternative. I eventually get annoyed.)

Me: “No, if you want meat, you cook your own dinner. I’m not making two meals every night.”

(I go to make me dinner, and I sit down to eat. I hear the doorbell. My boyfriend answers, and it turns out he has ordered pizza. This happens every time I refuse to cook for him. He also refuses to wash up as he hates putting his hands in dirty water, and yells at me because I don’t wash his clothes. His mother starts coming over to do his washing. We last living together a month before I dump him.)

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