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On Christmas Eve They Won’t Christmas Leave

, , , , | Right | December 24, 2018

(As a part of a small restaurant chain in the northeast, we are told by corporate to close at 6:30 on Christmas Eve. About 5:30, a customer arrives.)

Customer: “Are you guys still open tonight?”

Me: “Yes, we’re open until 6:30 tonight.”

Customer: “Oh, great, I didn’t want to keep you here.”

(He sits down and a friend joins him within fifteen minutes. We are thrilled he asked since we’ve been worried people will stay late since we close so early. He is still there at six, and then 6:30. We close and lock the doors to prevent more customers from coming in. They’re still sitting there and talking. They’ve even paid. We’re not allowed to tell them to leave. We vacuum the store to try and give them a hint, and they’re still there. Finally, at 7:15 they leave.)

Customer: *completely oblivious he kept us all there late* “Bye! Merry Christmas!”

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