On A Knee’d To Know Basis

, | Working | August 14, 2013

(I recently fell down the stairs at my house and bumped my knee. It is only bruised, but I have to wear a brace and keep my weight off it for a few days. To make sure my manager knows this, I call in to work before my shift to tell him.)

Me: “Hey [manager], I just needed to tell you I bruised my knee so I can’t put any weight on it today. If you could grab a stool from the back for me to sit on, I can still take orders. Okay?”

Manager: “Yeah okay. We’ll see you at six.”

(I head into work and hobble inside with a crutch to support me.)

Manager: “Oh! I thought you called me because you weren’t coming in today. Isn’t that what you said on the phone?”

Me: “No. I called to tell you I fell and hurt my knee and can’t stand on it today. I asked if you would bring me up a stool so I can sit and take orders.”

(My manager looks very perplexed, but nods slowly and walks to the back. I take a few orders but when my manager doesn’t come back after a few minutes, I have to move slowly back and forth to bring people their food while keeping off my knee. About ten minutes later, my manager comes back with a stack of papers.)

Manager: “Okay! So it took me a while to find the accident reports. We just need to sit down and fill this out, then I’ll call someone in to relieve you, and you can go to the hospital to get your knee looked at.”

Me: “What? I didn’t fall here! I fell down the stairs at my house yesterday. And I already saw my doctor, he told me it was only bruised and to keep any weight off it for a few days. I just need a stool from the back so I can sit and take orders.”

Manager: “Oh! Okay!”

(Again the manager disappears for a few minutes before wandering back up to the front. Again, he is still without a stool.)

Me: “Um, [manager]? Where’s the stool?”

Manager: “What stool?”

Me: “The stool I asked you to bring me. So I can sit on it.”

Manager: “You wanted a stool? Oh… I thought you wanted me to call you an ambulance.”

Me: “WHAT?!”

(Sure enough, fifteen minutes later, not only did an ambulance arrive, but our store manager showed up too because my manager called her. I explained to them my predicament and they understood me but my manager still had no idea what was going on.)

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