Old Habits Die Within Fifty Meters Of Each Other

, , , , | Right | June 1, 2020

A year ago, the supermarket where I work moved to a bigger building right on the other side of the road. We had to empty the old one and dispatch everything to the other supermarkets of the chain before opening the new one.

Days prior, we put several huge signs on the entrance, the exit, and around the store, stating that we would be closed on a specific Sunday as we were emptying everything.

That day came, and it was obvious that the store was closed — closed doors, the signs, nothing on the shelves, no cashiers, a lot of pallets on the middle of the aisles.

Some customers showed up at the doors and we had to tell them to come another day. As we were working, a customer managed to force the first door of the airlock and around a dozen people started gathering in front of the second door.

A coworker finally noticed them, angrily and confusedly looking at us. It took us a moment to make them understand that we were closed.

From time to time, I still see some customers trying to get into the old building, checking if it’s open, and leaving disappointed, even though there is no way you can’t see the new building literally fifty meters away.

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