Old Enough To Know Better

, , , | Right | July 4, 2018

(I work at a beauty retailer that gives out loyalty cards should someone want to sign up to earn points for shopping with us. It’s a great program, and usually only takes about two minutes to sign up. A woman comes up to my register and doesn’t have a card, so I start signing her up for one. She doesn’t object, and gives me information I have to ask for when filling it out. Any customer can opt out of a certain item of information.)

Me: “And lastly, birthday and month?”

Customer: *angrily* “Why do you need to know that? It’s [month, day, year].”

(I don’t need to know the year, but I put it in and give her the card. She proceeds to pout and seem angry through the entire transaction)

Me: *hands her her bag* “Have a great day!”

Customer: “Just so you know, that was incredibly rude; you didn’t need to ask me that.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am?”

Customer: “It’s just inconsiderate, because some people like me are a lot older and don’t want to talk about it, and you should have thought of that.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but it’s a question I have to ask.”

Customer: *pointing angrily* “I’m never shopping here again, because you were rude. It’s just ridiculous.”

Me: “I’m really sorry, ma’am.”

(As she was walking out I could hear her talking to her two daughters saying she was going to shop at our competitor… that will also ask you for your birthday when you sign up for a card.)

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