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Oil Bet He’ll Never Live It Down

, , , , , , | Working | January 24, 2023

One of our dimmest bulbs on the forklift rotation brilliantly put a shipment of glass olive oil bottles, wrapped on a broken pallet, on the fourth shelf up — about thirty feet in the air. How he got it up there without it collapsing, I don’t know. But when someone else went to take it down… Have you ever heard 360 glass bottles smashing?

The sound was incredible. It went on for a cartoonish amount of time. People didn’t even move for a second, just transfixed. But when we did, everyone came running. We got the driver out, shaken but safe, and then we found mops, rags, cat litter, and squeegees.

We designated “oily” for the people working in the crash zone and “outside” for the runners, so we wouldn’t track olive oil everywhere, and found clean shoes for them.

That is the biggest workplace catastrophe I have ever seen, and also the biggest come-together moment.

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