Oh, The Humanities!

, , , , | Learning | April 16, 2018

(I attend a fairly prestigious liberal arts college, where students often try to present themselves as more intelligent and “woke” than their peers, so student humor often tends towards satirizing the pretentiousness of the student body itself. Additionally, there’s a pretty big divide between the humanities majors in Division I, arts and language, Division II, social sciences, and the STEM majors in Division III. This conversation is overheard in a dining hall between two physics majors, a boy and a girl, about a third student:)

Girl: “I like how we both tried to talk to him at the same time, but what I said was, ‘Have fun in lab!’ whereas you just declared your everlasting love—”

Boy: “I did not say, ‘everlasting’!”

Girl: “Okay, you just declared your temporary and ephemeral love—”

Boy: “Are you implying that my love for [Friend] is only meaningful if it’s eternal?”

Girl: “Am I? Does love even exist? Or is it really a social construct designed to enforce existing power structures in a post-industrial, capitalist society?”

Boy: “…”

Girl: “See? I can BS like a Div. II [humanities] major!”

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