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Oh, So Worth It

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: SonDontPlay | June 2, 2022

I used to sell cars. The dealership I worked at had a policy that if a customer had an itemized quote that was legitimately less than ours, we would match and beat it by $100. We did this because we priced super aggressively.

I had one customer hear this and he said he was going to use it. I said that was fine. He placed his order for a truck that came out to like $55,000. He wanted what he wanted.

After weeks and weeks of searching, he came in with an itemized quote.

Customer: “I got something that is less.”

Me: “Great! Let me see it.”

After reviewing what he brought in, I noticed it was $172 less. I confirmed my math with him, and he agreed.

Me: “How much time did you spend on this?”

He smiled.

Customer: “Every Saturday for the last six weeks.”

Me: *Nodding* “Well, looks like they are $172 less, so I’ll go ahead and get your $272 discount put on the order.”

This guy made like $175,000 a year at his day job. Assuming he spent eight hours a day — honestly, he probably spent time during the week, too — shopping for a lower price, he earned less than $6 an hour for his efforts.

Question of the Week

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