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Oh, Sister!

, , , , | Right | April 2, 2021

I have to close a real estate deal where my clients are three sisters who all live in different states. Two of the sisters are great to deal with; they’re prompt, intelligent, and courteous. The third, not so much.

I send a long email with, “Please read this email very carefully and follow all the instructions,” in big, bold letters at the top. The gist of the email is that each sister needs to print the documents I sent three times, get their ID notarized, and send everything to me. There are about fifteen documents in all.

The first and second sisters send me everything with no issues. The third sister sends me one document.

This means that she opened the file I sent, printed one of the pages at random, went to a notary and signed it, and sent it to me by courier.

I follow up and tells her that she needs to send me all of the documents, not just one, and her notarized ID.

A few days later, I get the package. She has signed all but two of the documents and her ID isn’t there at all.

On the third try, she finally manages to get me her ID and the remaining documents. 

We close the deal and I email the sisters, asking them to decide how they want the money divided and what accounts they want it deposited into so that I can draft a payment direct for them to sign.

The third sister immediately emails me her banking information.

I’m not convinced she can read.

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