Oh-Kai-Ee, Whatever

, , , , | Right | February 24, 2020

After customers order, we call out the name of the smoothie along with their name to ensure they get the right thing they ordered. The shop is on a college campus and experiences a HUGE volume of customers. We struggle to make sure people get the correct smoothies they ordered sometimes.

Customer #1:
“Hi. Can I get an ah-ky-ee smoothie?”

We commonly get people mispronouncing “acai” this way. The correct way is more like, ah-sigh-ee. None of us mind because it’s kind of a weird word, anyway. We always repeat back the smoothie to the customer so that they are aware of what’s being called out when they get the smoothie.

“Ah, an acai smoothie? Absolutely. That’ll be [total].”

After they walk away, the customer’s friend says this really haughtily and makes sure it’s loud enough for me to hear.

Customer #2:
“She’s wrong, you know! She’s wrong. It’s definitely ah-ky-ee.”

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