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Oh, Goodie, They Procreated

, , , , | Right | January 23, 2022

I refused to sell a customer cigarettes because he looked underage and had no ID. Less than a minute later, an older man came in asking for the same cigarettes — uncommon ones that rarely sell, so I had reason to think they weren’t for him. As per policy, I politely asked:

Me: “Are they for the young man that just asked for these?”

At this point, if he’d have said no, I couldn’t have pushed any further and would have just sold them to him.

Older Man: “Yes.”

Me: “Then I can’t sell them to you.”

Older Man: “So, you’re punishing me for being honest?”

But he left.

Twenty minutes later, an older woman came in and asked for the same cigarettes. I had no reason to believe they were for anyone else, so I sold them to her. Another minute later, both the older man and woman stormed in, screaming and swearing, cornered me and my supervisor, asking over and over why I wouldn’t sell the cigarettes to the young man or his dad but sold them to his mum.

This was in the middle of lockdown when the health crisis was huge here, and they had no masks on, but they shouted less than six inches from our faces, asking for our names and threatening us.

All this over a packet of cigarettes when the kid could have just gone home for his ID, or the dad could have just lied. Some customers just don’t understand that it could literally cost people their jobs for not following procedure, especially with the number of test purchases that happen.

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