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Oh, Come On. You Don’t Need To Know Things.

, , , , | Working | February 21, 2023

It’s Sunday. I am set to fly out for a work trip for a couple of days. I go to the counter to get my ticket.

Desk Attendant: “May I see your ID?”

I give it to them.

Desk Attendant: “Okay, traveling to [City]?

Me: “Yes.”

Desk Attendant: “All right, here is your boarding pass. Are you checking any bags?”

Me: “Just this one.”

The desk attendant checked my bag and I made my way through security. I realized I didn’t remember my gate, so I pulled out my boarding pass to check. Then, I realized something was… off. The departure time said 04:45. It was currently 10:30. It also had Monday’s date.

Confused, I went to the gate to speak with the gate attendant. I came to find out that my original flight had been canceled and I had been rescheduled. However, I had never received any notification about either change. To make matters even more stressful, my luggage had been checked and put on another flight.

Fortunately, my work’s travel office was able to book me on another flight that day, and my luggage was waiting for me at my final destination. But how so many people missed the fact that I was apparently checking in for a flight almost twenty-four hours early is mind-boggling.

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