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Office Dead Space

| Working | June 12, 2014

(I’ve been working with this company for a little over two years, normally in the office. One of my colleagues asks for help down the back of the warehouse – where I go rarely – and I spot a small room hidden away among the shelves.)

Me: “Hey, [Workmate], I didn’t know there was an office there.”

Workmate: “Neither did I. I wonder what it’s for. Should we look?”

Me: *jokingly* “Nah, it is probably where they hide the serial killer bodies.”

(A phone from the office starts ringing and we look at each other.)

Me & Workmate: “Creepy.”

(Several minutes later the warehouse manager comes through and we mention the room and that the phone was rang. He looks me straight in the eye, looking incredibly creepy, and says:)

Manager: “Never answer the phone.”

(My workmate and I decided we didn’t want to see what was in the secret room anymore.)

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