Off-The-Clock Rock

, , , | Hopeless | July 21, 2016

(I am waiting by the time clock to punch in for my shift on the U-Scan at my job when the head cashier comes over to me.)

Head Cashier: “Are you clocked in?”

Me: “No, I still have a few minutes before it will let me.”

Head Cashier: “Have you seen any baggers, then?”

Me: “No, why?”

Head Cashier: “This lady over here needs help out to her car.”

Me: “I’ll still do it.”

(I then make my way over to the elderly lady and start to load up her cart.)

Me: “Hi there! I’m here to help you out to your car. I’m not on the clock, so if anyone asks, I’m doing it as a friendly customer.”

(She thanks me profusely and after we grab her walker, we make small talk as we get to her car. Once there, I manage to pack all her items into her trunk so they fit perfectly, much to her delight.)

Me: “Have a good day, ma’am!”

Elderly Woman: “Oh, wait! I have to tip you for your help!”

Me: “Oh, no! You don’t have to! It was nice helping you and you were so pleasant to talk to!”

Elderly Woman: “You helped me off the clock and did your darnedest to pack everything perfectly. You deserve a tip for being so helpful!”

(She then placed $5 in my hand and shut her car door before I could protest further. I know $5 isn’t much, but as someone who works in a job that never normally gets more than a thank you from customers, it meant the world to me.)

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