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“Off The Clock” Means Nothing To These People

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I work at a coffee shop, and one day, I was sitting in the shop working on my homework off the clock; I just needed to be not home. A regular came directly up to me while I was sitting down, out of the way, eating my food and studying.

Regular: “I placed an order for [Regular] over the phone and I need it now!”

I take a moment and look around before I tell her:

Me: “I’m sorry, I’m not actually working at the moment, but I’m positive one of the workers will be more than happy to help you, provided you ask them at the counter.”

This was apparently not the answer [Regular] was seeking.

Regular: *Loudly* “You are so rude not to help me! I want your name and your current shift lead’s name to call the manager.”

When the shift lead hears what’s going on, she tries to help [Regular] and explains that I am not working that day. Unfortunately, [Regular]’s experience has been ruined.

Regular: “I want a refund, and I want my drinks!”

When she was told that was not possible, she said:

Regular: “Fine! Then I want this employee to pay me emotional compensation!”

Me: *Politely* “There’s no way in h***.”

And I left.

She called the store for WEEKS because an employee was rude to her and she expected me to be fired.

Question of the Week

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