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Off-The-Clock Guidance

, , , | Hopeless | May 9, 2016

(When I am 12 years old, my family moves to a different city. It isn’t far from our old one, but I am still unhappy about moving and I’m not adjusting well. This happens when my mom takes me to register for middle school. I start wandering and find my way out to the bleachers behind the school. I’m completely alone.)

Man: “Excuse me? Miss?”

Me: *surprised, but still upset* “What? Who are you?”

Man: “My name’s Mr. [Name]. Do you need help?”

Me: “No! Leave me alone.”

(Instead, he joins me on the bleachers, but sits a few inches away.)

Man: “I’m sorry, but students aren’t allowed here right now. Where are your parents?”

Me: “My mom’s in the office. I don’t want to go to school here, but I have to.”

Man: “A lot of students have trouble adjusting to middle school. That’s normal.”

Me: “No, it’s because we had to move. I don’t want to be here.”

Man: “What’s the matter?”

(Long story short, I don’t know why, but I ended up telling him how I missed my friends, my old town and home, and was upset because no one seemed to care that I was upset, and he sat there and listened until my mom eventually found me. I did go home feeling better. When I went to school on the first day, I found out he was my guidance counselor, but he didn’t know me when he spoke to me, either. He was just concerned about seeing a young student by themselves. It’s been 10 years and I still feel grateful for what he did and sorry I was so rude to him!)

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