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Off The Clock But Still On Their Radar  

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(At the end of my shift, I clock out and head for the front door. I only make it a few feet when a woman steps in my path, crossing her arms and looking at me expectantly. It has been a long and difficult day and I just want to go home.)

Customer: “Do you work here?”

Me: “Sorry, I’m off.” *side step*

Customer: “But you’re in uniform.”

Me: “Well… I do have to wear clothes. But I have to go now, so—”

Customer: *dismissive wave* “This will only take a minute.” *steps in front of me again* “Now, my dog only has a few teeth left. Will these biscuits be good for her?”

Me: “Those are crunchy biscuits, so no. You want soft treats.”

Customer: “Soft treats? Where are those?”

Me: “In the same aisle as those treats. Just look for the words ‘chewy’ or ‘soft.’”

Customer: “Which ones?”

Me: *getting annoyed* “There’s probably a soft treat by the same company.”

Customer: “Can you show—”

Me: *stepping back* “I’m sorry. My shift is over and I will get in trouble for working off the clock. I have to go.”

Customer: “I’m not asking you to work! I’m asking for your help!”

Me: “Yes, you are. I can’t help you. Goodbye.”

Customer: “How rude! What kind of customer service is this?”

Me: “Have a good day, ma’am.”

(I walk away and don’t look back. The next day, I am called into the office.)

Manager: “[My Name], do you recall a woman asking about dog treats?”

Me: *sigh* “Yes.”

Manager: “She called corporate and left quite a message about you.”

Me: “Oh, did she?”

Manager: “Let me read you the transcript. ‘I asked [My Name] for help picking out a snack for my senior dog… She told me my dog was old and going to die anyway, so I should just let it go! When I started to cry, she laughed and walked away. I demand she be punished for this behavior. I also think I should be compensated for my troubles, unless [Store] wants the local news station to hear about how poorly their associates treat customers.”*

(A moment of stunned silence.)

Manager: “So?”

Me: “Apparently, I was an old-school villain yesterday.”

Manager: “What’s your story?”

Me: “I told her I was off the clock but she kept—”

Manager: *holds up a hand* “Good enough. You told her you were off the clock. Go back to the floor.”

Me: “Thanks!”

(I don’t know how my manager handled that complaint, but I didn’t see our store on the news so I guess it worked out!)