Off The Clock And About To Rock

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I work at a gas station that gets a lot of interesting people at the end of the late shift. I am finishing up my paperwork before heading home. 

A polite woman comes in and gets two packs of beer, some chips, and a soda. She sets them down and starts chatting with my coworker about the party she is about to go to. She mentions that her girlfriend is waiting in the car for her. This is a rookie mistake a lot of people make, as we cannot sell beer to anyone who we don’t see the ID for. 

My coworker tells this to the customer, who has been lovely up until this point. The customer nods, says she understands, and heads out to the car. She comes back with two women. The customer and the customer’s friend show their ID. The customer’s girlfriend throws an adult-sized temper-tantrum, instead. 

Girlfriend: “I am twenty-eight years old; why do I have to show an ID? I look twenty-eight. I shouldn’t have to get out of the car for this. I don’t even like this kind of beer.”

My coworker explains that it is the policy, it’s written on the door, and it’s out of her hands. The girlfriend continues to rant about how she just wants to get to the party and we are holding them up. She has still not presented her ID at all, even with my coworker explaining that they can have the beer once the ID has been shown. 

Girlfriend: “I shouldn’t have to. It’s the principle of the thing. You made me walk all the way in here. I have had a long day.”

Customer: “Honey, just show them the ID.”

Girlfriend: “It’s in the car still. In my purse. I guess I have to walk all the way back there for it now.”

Their friend offers to get the ID and comes back with a huge purse. The girlfriend proceeds to look through it, not letting the guy behind her through to pay while my coworker suspends her purchase. I have finished all of my closing tasks, which usually take about ten minutes. I then put on my sweatshirt and grab my purse. 

The girlfriend finally shows her ID and continues to berate my coworker. I have already been screamed at twice and had someone throw an Icee on the ground to be funny, and this woman is kind of on my last nerve.  

Girlfriend: “Here is my ID. I hope I didn’t cause you any problems.”

Me: “You know, we get fired if we don’t ID. I have had to ID someone old enough to be my grandmother. And she didn’t have an attitude about it.”

Girlfriend: “What did you say?”

Me: “I said, I have to ID people or we get fired. Not wanting to show it doesn’t change the policy.”

Girlfriend: “No, about the attitude.”

Customer: “Honey, I paid; let’s go. We’re already late.”

Girlfriend: “No, I want to hear what she said.”

Me: “I said having an attitude doesn’t change reality. You can’t buy beer without an ID. We check everybody over the age of eighteen. So, yeah, not sure what to tell you. Feel free to check out our website for official rules and regulations.”

Girlfriend:Now I have an attitude. You can’t tell me not to have an attitude.”

Me: “Yes, I can. And I did. I’m off the clock, so I am not being paid to stand around being yelled at.”

Girlfriend: “I wasn’t talking to you.”

Me: “Yeah, doesn’t matter. [Coworker] is my friend. I know the policy. And I can tell you from personal experience that every store in this town is going to check ID for everybody after [Gas Station] got fined for selling to a minor. So, you’d better keep your ID on you like a normal person.”

Girlfriend: “I am going to call your manager.”

Me: “Good luck. [Coworker] is her sister-in-law. And I’ve said worse to people. I’m going home. Have a nice night, [Coworker], and enjoy your evening.”

No one cheered. I was not written up. The unpleasant hulk of a toddler has not returned, either, though her girlfriend has come in.

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