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Off-Menu Lies

, , | Right | November 7, 2021

Years ago, I worked at a famous-to-Canadians coffee chain.

Customer: “You messed up my order yesterday!”

Me: “Around what time did you come in? I can look it up in the system.”

Customer: “[Time].”

The time he mentioned was when I was on shift the day before. I had no recollection of him. Mind you, there were only two of us working. Before I dove into the orders from the day before:

Me: “What did you order, sir?”

Customer: “You messed up my sandwich!”

Me: “What sandwich was it?”

He responded with a sandwich that wasn’t on the menu and hadn’t been in the last four years I had worked there. And that’s just one of many tales I have of people trying to scam us for free food.

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