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Some Off-The-Cuff Remarks

, , , , | Friendly | February 17, 2018

(It’s my first time at my friends’ place. They are keeping cute little corn snakes as pets. I love snakes, but I’ve never had the chance to meet one, not counting zoos, so my friends offer to let one snake crawl on me.)

Friend #1: “[Snake] is very friendly; just try to be calm.”

(Inexperienced as I am, I worry that the snake might fall easily if I don’t offer my arms as “tree branches” quick enough, while it curiously crawls onto me. It grabs my first hand and arm and looks for the next point to hang on, so I quickly offer my other hand as well. As the snake wiggles around my hands, I notice that it wasn’t such a clever move on my part, as even such a small snake is quite strong, and now it clings to my wrists, holding up its cute little head between them with a proud face that says, “Me is best handcuffs!”)

Friend #1: “He’s a captivating personality, isn’t he?”

Friend #2: “You two really are bonding!”

(For those who wonder, the snake released me after due admiration, and we spent the next few days observing each other curiously.)

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